Solar Panels Products

  • SunPower has the highest efficient modules on the market. They produce 5-15% more power than other modules using the STC (Standard Test Conditions) standard modules/cell ratings. This means less modules are required for the same competing system.
  • The lightest modules per watt. 327 Watt weighs only 18.6 kg.
  • Anti Reflective Coating and patterned tempered glass reduces reflection to other buildings
  • 25 year linear power warranty and 25 year limited product warranty.  Most companies have a stepped power warranty and only a 10 year limited product warranty.

Maxeon Solar Cell TechnologyThe Maxeon™ Solar Cell is the Core of the SunPower Technology

Maxeon™ is a back contact cell with a world record 22.4% efficiency in mass production

The Only Cell of its Kind on The Market

  • Maxeon cells, built on a solid copper foundation, can handle thermal cycling, reverse-breakdown, temp cycling and solder joint stress, corrosion and bending/cracking.
  • Standard efficiency cells, baked on metal paste and long Copper ribbons soldered to Silicon, have zero strength, much higher risk of cracking and corrosion susceptibility, and  no ability to handle reverse breakdown voltage.

Solar Cells Efficiency

Made In Malaysia – The World’s Largest Solar Factory
Solar Panels

SunPower have their AUO SunPower factory in Melaka, Malaysia. It is a 1.4GW solar cell manufacturing plant (a RM8 billion investment), hiring 6-8000 workers, and producing over 1 million solar wafers per day.

All SunPower modules sold in Malaysia will have SunPower Cells that are made in Malaysia. This is an added boost for those looking to qualify for the SEDA feed in rates.