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SunPower & SEDA, A Perfect Match.

What is SEDA Feed-in-Tariff for Solar PV?

SEDA (Sustainable Energy Development Authority Malaysia) is a government organization created to play a key role in administering and managing the implementation of the Feed-in Tariff (FiT), a mechanism which pays the company or individual money for the power they create using renewable energy systems.

How do I participate?
The best way to participate is to contact your local solar PV installer who will manage all the paperwork necessary to apply for the FiT allocation. You can also go to the SEDA website.

Here SEDA will inform you on how to become a Feed-in Approval Holder.

How much can I make?

There are many different combinations of FiT rates given by SEDA. See below:

Description of Qualifying Renewable Energy Installation FiT Rates (RM per kWh)
(a) Basic FiT rates having installed capacity of: 2013 2014
(i) up to and including 4kW 1.1316 1.0411
(ii) above 4kW and up to and including 24kW 1.1040 1.0157
(iii) above 24kW and up to and including 72kW 0.9440 0.7552
(iv) above 72kW and up to and including 1MW 0.9120 0.7296
(v) above 1MW and up to and including 10MW 0.7600 0.6080
(vi)above 10MW and up to and including 30MW 0.6800 0.5440
(b) Bonus FiT rates having the following criteria (one or more): 2013 2014
(i) use as installation in buildings or building structures +0.2392 +0.2201
(ii) use as building materials +0.2300 +0.2116
(iii) use of locally manufactured or assembled solar PV modules +0.0300 +0.0300
(iv) use of locally manufactured or assembled solar inverters +0.0100 +0.0100


So depending on which year the PV system is implemented combined with the size and attributes (installation in building, building materials and locally manufactured PV or Inverters).

The core of the SunPower PV modules sold in Malaysia are manufactured in the 500,000+ square foot Rembia, Melaka plant and receives the (b iii – locally manufactured PV module bonus of RM0.03 per kWh.

For example, a large-scale 10MW plant will receive the minimum RM0.68/kWh while a house with a 4kW system built as a roofing structure, using SunPower modules and a locally manufactured inverter will receive RM1.825/kWh.

Why SunPower
SunPower is the world’s most efficient Solar Modules commercially available to day and is manufactured in unmatched technology and quality which is backed by not only a 25 year power warranty, but a 25 year product warranty. No one in the industry comes close and on average the competitor’s product warranty is only for 10 years.